A special note to subscribers

Dear Friends,

Thank you for supporting The Real News by purchasing a subscription. 

We know that for most of you it has been several months since you have received issue 4 of The Real News – or any communication from us. The purpose of this post is to update you about what is happening with subscriptions.

We are having difficulties with The Real News on a couple of levels.  One is that after producing four issues of The Real News over a year in addition to continuing with our other work we found that our workload became unsustainable.

After some deliberation what we decided to do is to incorporate The Real News into Uncensored another magazine that we edit, and offer subscribers to The Real News free copies of Uncensored to make up for not being able to supply ongoing copies of The Real News.

Uncensored is a quarterly 100 page magazine with similar content to The Real News only greatly expanded so it offers subscribers of The Real News good value for money. 

If you have an ongoing subscription to The Real News you do not need to do anything to receive Uncensored; you will be sent issue 68 of Uncensored in due course. (If you are owed more than one issue of The Real News on your current subscription you will be sent additional copies of Uncensored as they are produced as a replacement for copies of The Real News owed to you.)

Please note that Issue 68 of Uncensored is currently at the proof reading stage and will go to go to press next week so if you have a current subscription to The Real News you should receive a copy of Uncensored in the next 2-3 weeks.

Thank you for your support and your patience.

Yours sincerely,

Katherine Smith and Jonathan Eisen