Facts … or Myths?

In September 2021, the NZ Herald online published a piece with the title: “10 of the biggest vaccine myths debunked”

This article bears the banner of the Herald’s then new initiative to promote Covid shots to the NZ public which the paper is calling “The 90% project”.

The story is by Helen Petousis-Harris who is a “vaccinologist” and Associate Professor at the University of Auckland. [1]

Helen Petousis-Harris also works for IMAC (the “Immunisation Advisory Centre”) which is based at the University of Auckland. IMAC essentially promotes vaccination to the public as well as providing vaccination information and training to health professionals (and others).  Its major source of funding is the NZ Ministry of Health but the organisation also acknowledges what it describes as “minimal” funding from “private industry” i.e. pharmaceutical companies.  [2]

IMAC has played a key role in training non-medically qualified people to become vaccinators for the Covid-19 vaccination campaign in NZ. [3]  (NB:  In NZ, vaccines have previously, to the best of my knowledge been administered only by doctors, nurses or pharmacists who have undergone a special training course.)

Helen Petousis-Harris recently took on a new role as the co-head of a new global vaccination network that has received funding from Bill Gates. https://www.globalvaccinedatanetwork.org/about/

The article “10 of the biggest vaccine myths debunked” makes a number of claims about Covid vaccination. 

I will deal with each claim in the order it appears.

Claim #1 “Vaccine-related hospitalisations aren’t being hushed up.”


If someone is in a traffic accident and sustains a serious injury or dies, this is routinely reported in the news in NZ.

If someone is vaccinated and suffers a serious adverse reaction that requires hospitalisation (and/or results in their death) such an unfortunate event appears to be largely ignored by mainstream media, despite the fact that information on such cases is available from reliable sources.  One such example of information that could be considered to have been “hushed up” as there has been no mainstream media coverage about it, to the best of my knowledge, is a recent press release by NZ Doctors Speaking Out with Science which commented on the recent post-Pfizer shot deaths of four NZ teenagers as well as hospitalisation of other recently vaccinated NZ teenagers due to heart issues. [4]

One NZ teenager who was hospitalised after a Covid shot is Olivia McGregor-Hay whose story was reported on by an alternative news website:     

“Following hospitalisation after her first jab, Olivia McGregor-Hay and her parents, were not only warned not to take the second dose, but they were encouraged not to speak about the event….

“Counterspin can confirm we spoke to the grandmother of 14 year old Olivia, a Whangarei Girls High School student.

“Irene Pabirowski said her granddaughter had the shot, along with her mother Sheryl Pabriwoski on Thursday, September 2.

“Immediately afterwards, Olivia’s face went bright red and she was not feeling well.

“The next morning she couldn’t feel her head and feet. After going out to the ute to collect something for her father, she returned, her whole body shaking as though she had Parkinson’s disease.

“By Saturday morning, Olivia’s father Gene, was so worried about her, he took her to White Cross, where they were advised to go to the hospital, immediately.

“Olivia’s heart rate peaked at 175bpm and doctors warned her not to get the second jab or she would die.

“Their position then changed, saying her adverse effects were due to underlying health conditions which remain unsubstantiated, as this claim is contested by the family who are adamant Olivia was a fit, healthy teenager, always on the move, prior to getting the jab.” [5]

CLAIM #2: “Vaccines don’t affect womens’ fertility.”


In discussing fertility for the purposes of addressing the above claim, I am defining fertility to designate a state of optimal health of women of childbearing age that includes the the following:

*  periods being regular (and neither too heavy or too scant nor excessively painful),

* regular ovulation and

* the ability to conceive without medical assistance (assuming a fertile male partner) and

* for her pregnancy to continue until a healthy infant is born at full term.

In relation to women’s menstrual periods, there have been thousands of reports from women about menstrual abnormalities after Covid vaccination, including from some who report that their previously regular menstrual cycles have become dysregulated following Covid vaccination [6].  In the US the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) recently released a “notice of special interest” for researchers on this topic.  The organisation has undertaken to  “support research focused on menstruation before and after vaccination, how the vaccine affects menstruation, and the influence of other factors, such as stress, on these menstrual changes.” [7]

In regards to the claim that Covid vaccines don’t affect women’s fertility, it is also important to realise that the major clinical trial of the vaccine which is due for completion until 2023 did not include any pregnant women [8] and when Covid vaccines were first marketed in the UK in December 2020, it was recommended that women of childbearing potential should have a negative pregnancy test prior to having a Covid shot and avoid pregnancy for two months afterwards. [9] 

This advice was subsequently changed in the UK and here in NZ the Ministry of Health is promoting the vaccine to women at all stages in pregnancy despite the fact that the manufacture acknowledges that data on the use of the jab in pregnant women is “insufficient to inform vaccine-associated risks in pregnancy”. (italics are added for emphasis – not in the original)  [10]  (A trial of the Covid-shot in  pregnancy which was initiated in February 2021 is not due for completion until June 2022.  Pregnant women in this trial will receive the Pfizer mRNA jab or a placebo injection when they are 24 to 34 weeks pregnant.) [11]

Other concerns in relation to female fertility relate to a study of rats that showed increased rates of early pregnancy loss in the Covid vaccinated rats, compared to the rats that received the placebo and another animal study that suggests that the vaccine ingredients may concentrate in the ovaries

This research is discussed at the link below:


CLAIM #3: “Vaccines can’t harm children.”


I doubt that Maddie de Garay or her family would consider the statement that “vaccines can’t harm children” to be accurate.

12 year old Maddie de Garay was a healthy, happy 12 year old who was getting straight As when she received her second injection of the Pfizer Covid shot as part of the clinical trial for 12 – 15 years olds.  She suffered acute side effects within hours and is currently still chronically ill.

Video of Maddie and her mother and an article about their experience may be accessed via this link:   https://therealnews.nz/2021/08/23/should-12-year-olds-be-making-decisions-about-healthcare/ A video of an interview with Maddie’s mother may be viewed at this link: https://www.foxnews.com/media/ohio-woman-daughter-covid-vaccine-reaction-wheelchair

According to the article at the following link, the full extent of Maddie’s injuries was censored from data about the trial that was supplied the FDA: https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/pfizer-trovan-vaccine-injured-killed-kids/

I doubt that the parents whose children have died after Covid shots would consider these so-called “vaccines” to be safe, either.

At the following link you can watch a heart-wrenching video of a father describing how his 16 year old son died following a Pfizer Covid shot : https://nomoresilence.world/pfizer-biontech/ernesto-ramirez-jr-16-years-old-died-from-pfizer-vaccine/

A recent press release (20 December 2021) notes the death of a 13 year old NZ child after receiving a Pfizer Covid jab; the child’s death has been referred to the coroner.


I might add in relation to Covid vaccines and children that the NZ government now seems to think that children who are correctly considered too young to purchase alcohol or leave school and get a job, drive a car or have sex are somehow sufficiently intellectually and emotionally mature enough to consent to have a Covid shot without their parents’ consent. [12]

CLAIM #4: “Vaccines don’t cause magnetism.”


As bizarre as it may seem, there is a lot of video evidence that some (not all) people who have been vaccinated with mRNA Covid shots (including the Pfizer shot) do become magnetic.

An interesting video is at this link:  https://www.notonthebeeb.co.uk/drt-walkabout-magnet-challenge and another good one from North America may be viewed from this link:

A British doctor recently advance a hypothesis that “the experimental mRNA Covid-19 injections contain a magnetised nano particle attached to the mRNA”.

If this is the case any magnetised nanoparticles are present in the vaccine formulation would be injected into vaccine recipients (along with the rest of the vaccine ingredients). The presence of highly magnetic nanoparticles in the deltoid muscle of the upper arm could explain the attraction of metallic objects to the site where an mRNA Covid shot has recently been administered. It would also explain why one side of a bi-polar magnet might be repelled when it comes close to the arm of a recently vaccinated person and why the other side of the same magnet could be attracted to the arm. [13]

NZ Doctors Speaking Out with Science has recently investigated the magnetism issue with Covid vaccines and you may read their findings to date at the following link:  https://nzdsos.com/2021/09/27/magnetism-say-what/

CLAIM #5: “Natural remedies and immunity are not more effective against Covid-19.”


A recent study (still at pre print stage) showed that immunity from a prior Covid-19 infection was far superior to the Pfizer vaccine when it came to people’s resistance to the Delta variant. [14]

“Natural remedies” is a very broad term so I will just confine my comments to one important point – an important modifiable factor in helping to determine whether a Covid infection will be asymptomatic, mild or serious or deadly is a person’s vitamin D status. [15]  This means that one of the best “natural remedies” for preventing a bad outcome for people who may be exposed to SARS-CoV-2 is sunshine.  Adequate sunshine exposure on bare skin is necessary for vitamin D synthesis. If your lifestyle (or the environment where you live) does not allow you to get enough sunshine to synthesise adequate vitamin D, vitamin D supplements are available over the counter or high dose vitamin D tablets are available on prescription in NZ.  (The ability to synthesise vitamin D from sunshine declines with age-related skin changes so the elderly may require supplemental vitamin D.  People who are obese may also require vitamin D supplements. Useful information about vitamin D and Covid may be found at stopcovidcold.com.)

With regards to preventing (or treating) Covid-19 there are certainly alternatives to an mRNA Covid jab.  The following website provides protocols for prophylaxis (and treatment) for physicians https://covid19criticalcare.com/ and the new website worldcouncilforhealth.org  provides a non technical guide to treatment options at this link: https://worldcouncilforhealth.org/resources/early-covid-19-treatment-guidelines-a-practical-approach-to-home-based-care-for-healthy-families/

CLAIM #6:  “Covid-19 vaccines can’t alter your cellular DNA.”


Unfortunately there are mechanisms via which mRNA (such as mRNA contained in the Pfizer Covid shot) could be integrated into the DNA of someone who is injected with this product.

The two articles below (written by an author who has a PhD in molecular biology) discuss the mechanisms by which mRNA may be incorporated into DNA of the nucleus of a Covid shot recipient’s cells (as well as the potential health implications if this were to occur). 

Will an RNA Vaccine Permanently Alter My DNA?

Breaking Study Sheds More Light on Whether an RNA Vaccine Can Permanently Alter DNA

CLAIM #7: “The vaccine can’t cause cancer.”


If you read the datasheet for Pfizer mRNA shot, you will see that the manufacturer admits that it has not been tested for carcinogenicity (nor for its potential to damage recipients’ genes). [16]

Any claim that the vaccine “can’t cause cancer” is premature at best. 

There are also reports coming in from North America (where Covid vaccination began in late December compared to in late February in NZ) of Covid vaccinated people who had previously had cancer whose disease was in remission suddenly having their cancers return with a vengeance.  New, and very aggressive, cancers in people who have no prior history of cancer have also been noted, according to a whistleblower physician assistant.  One possible explanation for this concerning trend  is that new research shows that mRNA vaccination may reprogramme the innate immune system and reduce its ability to control viruses and cancer.

An interview on this topic featuring Pathologist Ryan Cole, MD may be viewed at this link:  https://www.bitchute.com/video/u4z9hU8nS8n4/ and the pre-print study discussed is here:  https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2021.05.03.21256520v1

CLAIM #8: “The vaccines aren’t still ‘experimental’.”


If you go to the website where the major clinical trial for the Pfizer mRNA Covid jab is listed you will find that it states that the end date for the trial is May 2, 2023. [8]

Unfortunately, after the trial has completed, it is not likely to yield much useful information as Pfizer (and Moderna which also makes an mRNA Covid jab) allowed people who were in the placebo arm of its trial to get the mRNA jab vaccine in early 2021, thus practically eliminating the control groups for the trials. [17]

(To all intents and purposes, this means that people who have chosen to be (or have been coerced into being) vaccinated with a Covid shot are now part of a de facto trial – and if you have decided not to be vaccinated, you are part of the de facto control group in a massive experiment on the human population.)


CLAIM #9: “Vaccine companies aren’t exempt from all liability.”


Covid vaccine manufacturers may not be exempt from all liability, but this makes very little difference in NZ. People who are injured by any vaccine here cannot sue the manufacturer but have to apply to ACC for compensation – and may or may not receive adequate (or any) compensation depending upon what staff in ACC decide).   

An article on ACC claims for injury from the Pfizer Covid shot in NZ may be read at this link:  https://thebuzz.nz/acc-lists-covid-vaccine-adverse-reaction-claims/ 


CLAIM #10: “No, vaccines don’t just reduce symptoms.”


The major trial of the Pfizer Covid jab (the one that is not due to finish until 2023) was intended (according to Pfizer) to “support licensure in the US and globally.” (emphasis added) [18]

One of the goals of the major trial of the shot was to assess whether the shot resulted in “Prevention of symptomatic disease in vaccine recipient”.  The trial was NOT designed to assess whether or not vaccine recipients experienced a “Reduction in severe covid-19 (hospital admission, ICU, or death)” or “Interruption of transmission (person to person spread)”. [19]

The trial did show lower Covid cases in vaccine recipients – although based on the trial data it was necessary to vaccinate 119 people to prevent one more case of Covid-19. [20]

Unfortunately for anyone who has chosen to be vaccinated in the hope that by doing so, they could protect family, friends or patients a recent study has shown that Covid vaccinated people can carry a large viral load which may pose a risk to people around them. [21]


In order to make a decision about a medical intervention people need accurate information on the known benefits and risks of the intervention – as well as an understanding of what potential benefits and risks may yet to be quantified. 

In the case of the Pfizer Covid shot, one of the reasons that it was given only provisional consent for marketing in NZ by Medsafe was that data in relation to its use in some people with certain conditions was lacking.

For example, in the Risk Management Plan Comirnaty (the brand name for the Pfizer Covid shot used in NZ) the following were all included in a “List of important risks and missing information”:

  • Use in pregnancy and while breast feeding
  • Use in immunocompromised patients
  • Use in frail patients with co-morbidities (eg, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease [COPD], diabetes, chronic neurological disease, cardiovascular disorders)
  • Use in patients with autoimmune or inflammatory disorders
  • Interaction with other vaccines
  • Long-term safety data   [21]

If you have not yet made a decision about whether or not to be vaccinated, I hope this article has contributed useful information.

The website of NZ Doctors Speaking Out with Science (NZDSOS) has a useful open letter on informed consent [22] that you may find also helpful – and the NZDSOS site also has useful information on Covid vaccination and children). [23]

For references, please scroll down beneath image.

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