Of dead teenagers and a government’s response

As I write, Auckland is suffering through an extended Level 4 lockdown.  Most shops and other businesses are shut.  Schools are empty. Driving through suburban streets to get to a supermarket is like driving through a ghost town.

The reason for the initiation of this lockdown?  A single case of the so-called “Delta variant” of SARS-CoV-2 and a stated determination by NZ’s prime minister Jacinda Ardern that no more New Zealanders should die from Covid.

Unfortunately, she seems quite prepared to allow teenagers and others in New Zealand to die from the Covid vaccine.

On 12 September 2021 Jacinda Ardern addressed what the NZ Herald described was a “rumour” [1]  that a teenage girl from Auckland had died from a Covid vaccine. 

“We’ve been advised that in this particular case there is no link” she said before asking people to consider the feelings of family members of the teenager and claiming that information about Covid related issues is being shared “proactively”.

No one bothered to ask her what she meant by that.

A male reporter’s voice then asks, “has there been no death among [inaudible] teenager due to a vaccination?”

Ardern replied:  “Yes, that what we’ve been – we’ve received no reports to any of our adverse event [sic] – ”

Director General of Health, Ashley Bloomfield chipped in: “And even if there’s an, um, erh, ah, a possibility, if there’s a of course, because. If there’s any possibility, that a health professional would –  notifies [sic]  our system and in those ones where it’s a – there’d be a lot of interest in that I get an email on the day and I haven’t had no [sic] emails about that.” 

“And we’ve separately been advised that it’s unrelated,” concluded Ardern smoothly.

Reading between the lines, as they have not denied that a teenager has died, we have an admission from Ardern and Ashley that a NZ teenager did in fact die.  What they dispute is that the teenager’s death was caused by the Pfizer Covid shot.

On 14 September 2021, NZ Doctors Speaking Out with Science (NZDSOS) issued a press release relating to the recent deaths of not one, but four, NZ teenagers. [2]

Of the deaths reported in the NZDSOS press release, one relates to the teenager whose death Ardern and Bloomfield were so keen to dismiss as being unrelated to the vaccine.

“An eighteen-year-old collapsed on the 9th of September while walking with her father two weeks after her first covid injection. She was subsequently helicoptered to Auckland City Hospital and then reported to have died from ‘multiple blood clots’.” [2]

As a medical doctor, Bloomfield should be aware that Covid shots are known to cause blood clots, as should anyone else who has medical training whose job it is to provide advice to Ardern about adverse events following the administration of Covid jabs.  

In fact, this potential adverse effect of Covid jabs has become so infamous that the nickname “#clotshot” is now used to describe various Covid shots. (Information about the mechanisms via which these shots can cause blood clots may be found in the references and notes section at the end of this article.) [3]

Ardern has no excuse for not knowing that Covid shots can cause blood clots.

She was the recipient of a letter that was emailed to her from NZ Doctors Speaking Out with Science on August 13, 2021. [4] The letter covered the issue of post-Covid jab blood clots, among other serious adverse events noted in NZ recipients of the Pfizer Covid shot.  Along with the letter, Ardern was sent a database providing information about deaths of more than 70 New Zealanders who had died after receiving Pfizer’s Covid shot.  (The letter also advised Ardern that there were 100 more post-jab deaths in NZ that required investigation.)

(For context, from between 1 January  2000 and June 2019,  CARM –  the Centre for Adverse Reactions Monitoring – has received on average only two or three reports per year relating to deaths following vaccination.) [5]

I don’t recall Ardern “proactively” discussing the fact that she had received a letter from a group of concerned doctors alerting her to the high number of post-Covid shot deaths in NZ, do you?  

I suspect Ardern chose not to be proactive or “transparent” with that information. (Sharing the news of tragic loss of life documented on the spreadsheet would not facilitate Ardern’s stated goal of getting “everyone” in the country jabbed with the suspect shots.)

Having received no reply from Ardern (nor from the other recipients [6] of the emailed letter and database) on 30 August 2021, NZDSOS tried again and sent another letter [7] to Ardern.  (This letter was also emailed to Ministers Hipkins and Little, Mr. Chris James (of Medsafe) and Dr. Michael Tatley (of CARM) and Ashley Bloomfield.)

For their trouble, on 2 September [8] they received a dismissive reply from Chris James, head of Medsafe – the agency that gave provisional approval in February 2021 for Comirnaty to be marketed in NZ for people aged 16 years and older – despite the fact that its major clinical trial is not due for competition until 2023.

Medsafe is also responsible for allowing the marketing of Comirnaty in NZ to children aged 12 – 15 years. It gave provisional approval for the vaccine to be marketed to this age group in June 2021 despite the fact that of the approximately 1130 children aged 12 – 15 years who participated in the very brief clinical trial of the Pfizer Covid jab, and received the experimental shot, one child may have died and another (a previously healthy 12 year old girl) became acutely ill after her second shot and has developed multiple new medical conditions and has become dependent on a nasogastric tube for nutrition. She has also been largely confined to a wheelchair. [9]

Under the circumstances, Chris James may not be the best person to be responding to honest doctors’ concerns that the Pfizer shot is causing death – or irreparable harm to the health of some people in NZ.

On 15 September 2021, the Chief Coroner for NZ released a statement that claimed that “based on the information available to date, it does not appear that the death in question is linked to the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine.”

According to an article on Newshub, her statement also said: “However, this issue will be investigated carefully by the coroner and pertinent information will be requested from various agencies, including the COVID-19 Vaccination Independent Safety Monitoring Board.

“It could be a number of months before the final post mortem report is received and all information relating to this death is obtained from relevant agencies. The coroner’s findings in relation to this point will be made available once the inquiry has been completed.” [10]

The NZ Herald ran an article about the statement with the headline “Coroner says death of teen not linked to vaccine”. [11]

The cover of the NZ Herald for 18 September 2021 hypes the launch of what the paper is calling “The 90% Project” – an unashamed propaganda campaign to push Covid jab rates in NZ over the 90% mark.  

An article in the online version of the NZ Herald, states that “Newstalk ZB, Northern Advocate, Bay of Plenty Times, Rotorua Daily Post, Hawke’s Bay Today, Whanganui Chronicle and NZME’s community papers” will be part of “The 90% Project”. [12]

The NZ Herald article continues: “Over the next few weeks and months, we’ll bring you all you need to know about why vaccination protects against Covid, how to get vaccinated yourself and how to help friends and whānau understand why they should do the same.”

And there’s more:

“We’ll have interviews with both political and community leaders. A big focus of the campaign will be to ensure that under-represented communities, including young people, Māori and Pasifika, get the same high rates of protection as all New Zealanders.”

I wonder what the families of the four teenagers who recently died after their Covid shots think of the push to vaccinate more young people. 

(Children have a negligible risk of dying from Covid and the risks of serious infection or death from Covid in young adults are also low.) [13]

I wonder what the families of the Māori and Pasifika New Zealanders who have died after Covid jabs think of the targeting of their ethnic communities in the name of “equity”.

Never once, to the best of my knowledge, has any representative of the NZ Ministry of Health encouraged people to optimise their vitamin D levels as a way of reducing the risk of becoming seriously ill from Covid.  The NZ Ministry of Health could have funded the printing and distribution of a “How vitamin D can help reduce your risks of getting seriously ill with Covid-19” pamphlet.  It chose not to do this even though many New Zealanders, of all ethnicities but particularly those who have darker skin, are likely to be vitamin D deficient (and therefore at higher risk of a severe SARS-CoV-2 infection).  [14]

At the same time that the NZ Herald is pushing a still-experimental mRNA injection that has been associated with more deaths than any other shot used to date in NZ, the NZ Herald has been running articles that have been dismissive of the use of ivermectin, a drug that has been on the market for decades, that has been discovered to have significant antiviral activity and clinical utility against SARS-CoV-2 infections.

In this regard the NZ Herald  is taking a similar line to Ashley Bloomfield who recently made the patently false statement that there were “no studies to show that it’s of any benefit”  [15] in relation to ivermectin in the treatment of Covid-19.

There are dozens. [16]

So, there you have it:

Honest New Zealand doctors try to get the government to pay attention to the fact that what is to all intents and purposes an experimental injection (the Pfizer Covid shot) is associated with an unprecedented level of post-jab deaths.

Their letter does not even get a response from PM Jacinda “be kind” Ardern.

Her government does not rescind the “no jab, no job” orders that result in people being coerced into getting Covid shots in order to keep their job even though it must be clear to Ardern (and other government members who were emailed by NZDSOS) that such a policy risks causing illness and deaths in those who are subjected to this coercion.

When a fit and healthy teenage girl collapses two weeks after her first Covid jab and shortly thereafter dies of a condition that is known to be caused by Covid shots, the Prime Minister, Director General of Health and NZ’s Chief Coroner all make statements that suggest that the vaccine is not linked to her death. 

The NZ Herald (NZ’s paper of record) does not even mention that three other NZ teenagers who received the Pfizer Covid shot have died within a two week period and chooses instead to target young people and ethnic minorities as part of a propaganda programme designed to push NZ’s Covid shot uptake rate over 90%.

How many more New Zealanders will die as a result of this reckless promotion of an experimental injection?


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Also, since the above article was written, a GP from British Columbia Dr. Charles Hoffe asked patients who had recently had the Moderna mRNA vaccine to have d-dimer blood tests and found that 62% had elevated d-dimer.

Background information about how Dr. Hoffe came to be concerned about the problem of post-Covid shot blood clots may be found in an article on healthimpactnews.com titled “Canadian doctor defies gag order and tells the public how the Moderna covid injections killed and permanently disabled indigenous people in his community”

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