The indecent haste to destroy the control group in the great Covid-19 injection experiment

August 30, 2021

Like most people, I have taken a keen interest in Covid-19 – and my interest has extended to the development and roll out of Covid vaccines. 

A couple of important facts have caught my attention:

  1. Not all companies involved in developing Covid vaccines used a real (inert) placebo such as a saline placebo.  (For example, Pfizer and Moderna used a saline shot in the placebo arm of their trials of their mRNA Covid jabs but for the trials of the Oxford/AstraZeneca viral vector Covid jab. another vaccine (a meningococcal shot) was used as a placebo.)* 

The Pfizer jab is the one currently being used in NZ where it is marketed under the brand name “Comirnaty”.

2. Earlier this year, Pfizer and Moderna “unblinded” the major trials for their Covid vaccines and let trial participants know whether they had received the experimental vaccine or the placebo (the saline injection). Both Pfizer and Moderna then offered the people who participated to placebo arm of the trial the chance to be injected with the experimental vaccine.  [1]

Among those who were in the placebo arm of the trial of the Moderna shot, only two declined this opportunity to be jabbed with Moderna’s mRNA jab. [2] 

There is no published information that I have been able to find on what proportion of the people who were in the placebo arm of the trial of the Pfizer/BioNTech experimental vaccine chose to take up the offer of getting the mRNA jab. However, I would assume it to be similar to the > 99% of the Moderna placebo recipients who took up the offer of the real jab.  (After all, everyone who participated in the trial would have been willing to have a 50:50 chance of getting the real mRNA jab and the chance to get a vaccine early may have been a significant motivation for many people to join the trial.) 

What is really shocking in relation to the people in the placebo arm of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine being offered the mRNA jab in 2021 is that this trial is not due for completion until 2023.

Information on this trial was first posted on the database on 30 April 2020.   [3] Those who received the placebo injection in the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine trial were offered the chance to get the jab from March 1, 2021. [1]  This means that there is likely to be less than 12 months’ worth of data that provides a true comparison of the rate of adverse events between the placebo recipients and those who received the real mRNA jab BEFORE Pfizer intentionally ruined its own trial.

When the trial is officially over in 2023 and the results written up for a medical journal, don’t be surprised to find a result of similar rates of adverse effects in those who were in the placebo group and those who received the experimental jab – because virtually all trial participants will likely have had the experimental injection in early 2021.

Unethical behaviour on the part of large companies like Pfizer is nothing new, of course.  They are profit driven organisations – and Pfizer has been projected to earn 15 billion dollars in 2021 from sales of its Covid jab. [4]

However, citizens should be able expect better from organisations that regulate medicines for use in their nations than what is going on with Covid jabs.  As there will now be no reliable long term data on the health outcomes between the placebo group and the vaccinated group for the Pfizer vaccine from the major clinical trial, Medsafe should refuse to give this vaccine full consent for distribution in NZ.

As I write, NZ is in the middle of a Level 4 lockdown that the government claimed was necessary due to one case of the Delta variant in the community in NZ.  [5]

Most businesses have been forced to close their doors, including most businesses that supply food.  (The only shops that sell food that are allowed to open their doors are dairies, supermarkets and petrol stations. Despite long queues at many supermarkets, shops such as bakers, butchers and greengrocers are prohibited from opening their doors to serve their customers.)

Serious financial hardship (and difficulty affording what food is available) is being reported by some families. [6]

It is almost impossible to access healthcare services – other than treatment for accidents or  medical emergencies.

However, the mass vaccination events in NZ have continued almost uninterrupted in NZ throughout the lockdown with apparently high uptake of the jabs as the government ramps up fear of the Delta coronavirus – despite the fact that government has been informed of the effective treatments available for Covid and the adverse public health consequences of lockdowns. [7]

Fear of the Delta variant has been fueled by reporting that it is more infectious (which does appear to be true) and many people seem to fear that this more infectious also means that the variant causes more serious illness – which is not necessarily the case.

NZ’s Prime Minister has even gone so far as to tell the public “don’t talk to your neighbours” – a bizarre “infection control” edict, if ever there were one.

The net result of the stress of the lockdown and constant hyping of the dangers of Covid by mainstream media (with nary a mention of the fact that effective treatments are available) has resulted in a large increase in the number of people taking up the offer of a free Covid jab.

(In Israel, which used the Pfizer jab almost exclusively, and which is also experiencing community transmission of the Delta variant, a leading doctor recently reported that most of the Covid patients in his hospital were vaccinated [8], but real world news of this type that does not support the “we want everyone to be vaccinated” push by the government, does not usually make it to mainstream news platforms.)

In fact, the Pfizer jab’s effectiveness against the Delta variant may be less than 50% [9] but this type of information is not being shared with Kiwis who are lining up to get vaccinated in record numbers.

Just a few weeks ago, when the first mass vaccination event was held in South Auckland in late July the organisers struggled to fill the slots.  They had hoped to have the 15,000 available appointments filled by students and staff from Manukau Institute of Technology and their family members.  However, only about one quarter of those invited from this community booked appointments and so invitations had to be extended to another 140,000 people from the Auckland region before the vaccination slots were filled. [11]

Today it was announced that 50% of Kiwis who are eligible for Covid jabs have had a least one dose of the Pfizer shot. 

On August 13, 2021, the Prime Minister and other key people in the NZ government were informed in a letter from concerned doctors  [12] that more than 70 people in NZ had died following Covid jabs.  This is a hitherto unprecedented post-vaccination death toll for our country considering that in an average year in NZ, the Centre for Adverse Reactions Monitoring (CARM) receives only  2-3 reports of people dying after vaccination. [13] 

However, the NZ government persists on pushing the Covid vaccine despite the casualties –  and with this accelerated  Covid vaccination programme, the “control group” of New Zealanders who are choosing to decline invitations to participate in the great Covid injection experiment  is diminishing by the day.

Why the rush to vaccinate younger and younger people considering that most young adults are at minimal risk of becoming seriously ill or dying from Covid?

And why the rush to vaccinate children aged 12 – 15, considering that children’s risks from Covid are lower again? [15] 

Why is the Pfizer shot being promoted to pregnant women in NZ when even its manufacturer admits that data on safety for expectant mothers is “insufficient”? [14]

(Older people in NZ, who are at higher risk of a bad outcome if they catch Covid, were offered the chance to be vaccinated many weeks ago and many have decided to take the Pfizer shot, probably without realising the risks of the mRNA vaccine or the alternatives to vaccination.) [16] 

Despite the fact that there have been deaths of children overseas following Covid jabs, the NZ Ministry of Health has even gone as far as using its website to advise 12 year old children that they can consent to be injected with the Pfizer Covid shot without the permission of their parents. [17]

Clearly something is very wrong.

The question is, why?

* A placebo is supposed to be an inert substance so that the side effects of the experimental medicine that is being tested can be assessed in relation to a dummy pill or injection.  The use of another vaccine (which will cause side effects in its own right) cannot accurately be termed a placebo – “fauxcebo” is a better word for it.


[1] (Pfizer refused to tell the BMJ what proportion of its Covid jab placebo group are now vaccinated. ( )




[5] For an interesting perspective on the latest lockdown, please see this link:





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At the link above, a senior editor at the British Medical Journal discusses the preprint as well as other issues relating to the Pfizer Covid shot.



NZ is not alone in experiencing an unprecedented number of post-injection deaths following the introduction of the Pfizer Covid jab; figures from the US  for reported deaths and injuries after Covid shots may be accessed via this link