What do big businesses know about Covid jabs that you don’t?

A couple of concerning reports suggest that big businesses may be privy to information about Covid jabs that is not being shared with the general public.

One of these reports is in relation to the oil and gas industry in the United States; another relates to a business that supplies infant formula to China.

In the case of the latter, in June 2021 infant formula manufacturer China Feihe announced a US $200 million buy back of up to 10% of its shares.


Its Chairman Leng Youbin reportedly “told a forum that sales will drop sharply in the coming one and two years since many women can not bear children within six months of coronavirus vaccination”. [1]

And turning to the US oil and gas industry…

Quoting from a recent article:

“A recruiter for oil and gas corporations recently gave an ominous warning on Tik Tok, claiming that these big companies are mysteriously preparing to replace their vaccinated employees within three years.”

The article quotes Carol Bird, a recruiter for RigBoyz Employment Network as saying:

“Well what’s really interesting, what’s happening right now – and it’s actually mortifying, not just interesting – is that executives are having their HR staff and their managers, superintendents, foreman, so on, go through and look at the staff that have received the vaccines.”

“And they’re planning to have to replace them all within the next 3 years. What does that say to you?” she asked.

The implication is that people who have had Covid shots are not likely to be well enough to work in three years’ time.  It’s not a pleasant thought and should give anyone who values their health and needs to work to pay their bills cause to consider whether a Covid jab is worth the potential financial risks (as well as the potential risks to their health).


[1] https://www.thestandard.com.hk/breaking-news/section/2/174200/China-Feihe-to-buy-back-shares

Doctors and scientists  have expressed concerns that Covid vaccines could have anti-fertility effects since December 2020, if not earlier. However, Covid shots have been marketed to young women regardless and now children in the 12-15 year old age group are also targeted for vaccination.

(See:  https://therealnews.nz/2021/08/23/should-12-year-olds-be-making-decisions-about-healthcare/ )

The links below provide background reading on potential effects on fertility and pregnancy.

Since the above articles were written a published paper suggests that male fertility may not be affected by Covid vaccines but the authors warn that the numbers in the study were small and that a normal semen analysis does not necessarily mean that a man is fertile:


A study looking at how Covid vaccination may impact ovarian reserve has recently been initiated but will not be complete until February 2022.  See: https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT04748172

[2] Full report here: https://www.newswars.com/corporate-recruiter-warns-energy-companies-to-replace-vaccinated-employees-within-3-years/

In relation to the oil and gas industry’s apparent plans to replace workers who have had a Covid shot within three years, another report that comes to mind is the warning by Canadian physician Dr. Hoffe.  Dr Hoffe found that over 60% of people in his practice who had recently received Covid vaccines had elevated d-dimer blood test results (d-dimer is a marker of blood clotting) and warned that microscopic blood clots in the circulatory system following Covid vaccination could starve organs of adequate blood flow which could cause permanent damage.  Such damage, he warned would be exacerbated after any booster shots. For the full article, and an embedded video, please see the link below.

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