Top Israeli doctor discusses his country’s experience with new viral variant

Israel got early access to the Pfizer Covid jab thanks to a deal that its government made with Pfizer* and the Israeli government pushed the vaccine hard, resulting in a high vaccination rate. 85% of Israelis who are eligible for Covid jabs have been vaccinated.

Like many countries in the world, Israel now has cases of the Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2. A top Israeli doctor recently gave an interview about Israel’s experience with the virus.

Dr. Kobi Haviv, described as “world-renowned for his work on Covid-19 treatments” described the effectiveness of the Pfizer shot as “waning”.

Quoting from an article in The Gateway Pundit:

According to Dr. Haviv, the vaccinated account for 85-90% of all new hospitalizations and 95% of “severe” cases at the Herzog Medical Center in Jerusalem.

He explains how one infected patient will spread the virus to “a large number of people” and that it doesn’t just happen “here or there,” it’s happening frequently.

Despite the very high vaccination rate in Israel,

‘the country has seen a quick spike in cases that has resulted in more daily positive test results than they had on the same day last year. On Thursday they had 3,843 new cases.

The interview may be viewed at the link below:

How has the government responded to the failure of the Pfizer vaccine to prevent the new variant of the coronavirus from causing serious illness in some of the citizens in its highly vaccinated population?

It has placed restrictions on the civil liberties of people who have chosen to remain unvaccinated** (and do not have evidence of natural immunity to the virus) even though data from the hospital where Dr. Haviv works suggests that vaccinated and unvaccinated people are similarly vulnerable to becoming seriously ill*** from this strain of the virus.

Quoting again from in The Gateway Pundit:

The Israeli Health Ministry used the data to justify tightening restrictions for their authoritarian vaccine passports. After their emergency vote on Thursday, citizens are now required to provide proof of vaccination, a positive test, or proof that they recovered recently from the virus to participate in most indoor and outdoor activities.

So there you have it; despite evidence that the Pfizer Covid jab’s effectiveness is waning rather than do the right thing and admit that it may not have been a good idea to use most of adults in the country as medical guinea pigs for Pfizer* (especially given the deaths of young people due to jab-related conditions), the Israeli government has chosen to punish people who did not want to subject themselves to the risks of participating in a massive trial of an mRNA vaccine.

Not a nice state of affairs at all and our sympathies go out to the people of Israel who have to live under this sort of tyranny.


*The deal that the Israeli government made with Pfizer was basically to sell access to its citizens’ electronic medical records. Not surprisingly many Israelis were not happy with the government’s choice to violate their privacy in this way.

** The early and aggressive roll out of the Pfizer mRNA Covid jab in Israel, meant that data from that country provided early warning of problems with the vaccine, including cases of myocarditis (inflammation of the heart) in young vaccine recipients, including teenagers. (Following the predictable emergence of cases in NZ of this potentially life threatening condition, which can be fatal in some cases, and which can leave some survivors medically disabled, Medsafe has put a request on its website for NZ health professionals to report cases of this condition.)

A non-governmental organisation has been studying the results of the Pfizer mRNA injection on the health of the Israeli population and reports from the organisation may be read at the following link:

*** Early treatment of people who are vulnerable to becoming seriously ill with SARS-CoV-2 (rather than waiting until people are so sick that they require hospital treatment) appears to be the best policy and protocols for the treatment of SARS-CoV-2 infections may be found at this link:

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