Yellow Sign Initiative Grassroots Public Education Events

Ed note: A new grassroots public education initiative is the “Yellow Sign Events” that have recently begun to be held around New Zealand.

The video at the following link shows a Yellow Sign Event in action:

Below is information from a recent newsletter from that provides information about this initiative including information on how to get signs if you would like to bring a Yellow Sign Event to your part of NZ.

Would you like to be involved in the Yellow Sign Events?

Hi all,

We have received a lot of interest in the Yellow Sign events. In response we have organised to have 20 sets printed that we can send to people around the country.

Here is a little video of a yellow sign event we did in Wellington a couple of weeks ago. We have been doing these events regularly around Wellington and Wairarapa and last week joined with people in Taupo, Auckland and Hamilton to do events there.

We have since won a prize from the UK-based Operation Uprising for best activist event of the week.

We are fortunate to have partial sponsorship for the Yellow Signs from a sponsor through Concerned Citizens. See their website for more information and great work they are doing and some really good resources.
We are taking orders from groups all over NZ for the complete set of 15 signs done on corflute. The sponsorship has dropped the cost down from $620 per set, to $370 per set, delivered. We found that just printing the posters on the A0 size with the yellow background cost $350 and then they had to been glued to corflute which brought the cost up to around $600 and the signs were not even waterproof. Therefore, we are pleased we can get these signs to you for a cheaper price, are weather resistant and look professional.
If you have 20 people who are willing to contribute, that is covered with $20 each. 15 people contributing is $25 each and 10 people contributing is $37 each. There’s probably some people in each group that will pay a little more.
We have already sold six sets, so if you would like a set please don’t delay. Send me an email with your postal address and I will send you the bank account details.
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