Health insurer won’t cover vaccine injuries

By Jon Doe

Readers lucky enough to have private healthcare insurance from the likes of dominant market player Southern Cross were reassured this week that they won’t be disadvantaged should they be injected with a covid ‘vaccination’.

Should they suffer any of the reported adverse events, such as going blind, losing their hearing, developing skin rashes such as shingles, or losing strength in their legs, then their Southern Cross policy will remain in force, unchanged.

“Thank goodness,” I hear you say.

According to a report published by Stuff [1], Southern Cross’s Dr. Stephen Child, the not-for-profit’s chief medical officer for Southern Cross Health Insurance, said: ”We would like to reassure our health insurance and life insurance policyholders that their policies will continue in the usual way and in no way be impacted if they receive a Medsafe approved covid-19 vaccine.”

There’s a very good reason for this, and it’s at the bottom of Stuff’s report. Any adverse reaction people may have to any vaccine is not covered by Southern Cross Health Insurance. And if you drop down dead as a result of the ‘vaccine’, that’s fine too – your policy will pay out.

The Stuff reporter writes: “Treatment and support for people who experience an adverse reaction to any vaccine would be provided by ACC, provided their [ACC’s] criteria was met.”

Dr. Child cleverly adds: “This is why vaccine-related treatment injury is a standard exclusion in our health insurance plans.

“Therefore, as is current practice, if you develop symptoms from the covid-19 vaccine or any other Medsafe approved vaccine and require treatment, you can lodge a claim with ACC.”

So good luck if you suffer an injury – temporary or permanent – from any vaccine administered in New Zealand.

With covid ‘vaccine’ makers enjoying indemnity (meaning you can’t sue them for damages) New Zealanders are left to rely on the creaking Accident Compensation Corporation (yes, it’s a corporation) which no doubt will be reluctant to admit that your medical condition has anything to do with a covid vaccine.

And finally, can someone explain how an injection of a Medafe approved* drug can be deemed ‘accidental’?

Ed note: The Covid-19 vaccine currently being used in NZ, the Pfizer/BioNTech mRNA product brand name COMIRNATY has only provisional consent for distribution in NZ under Section 23(1) which allows for the distribution medicines “on a restricted basis for the treatment of a limited number of patients“. (Emphasis added).

As the NZ government has purchased enough of the vaccine for every man, woman and child in NZ, the vaccination programme is now the subject of a legal challenge. The link below has the details of the basis for the legal challenge:

The link below has the details of the various conditions that Pfizer is supposed to fulfill as part of the provisional consent for the distribution of the vaccine in NZ and also includes a discussion of how the datasheet for COMIRNATY on Medsafe’s website omits many of the potential risks of the vaccine:


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